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Do that crazy thing already!


Have you ever thought of something totally crazy, something when thinking about it you were like “well it would be an exciting thing to do, but still totally crazy, so maybe it’s better if I don’t”? And have you done it in the end or not? Nowadays we’re so focused on what society thinks of us that we sometimes forget to listen to ourselves and thus don’t do what we want to do deep down. For example, I often catch myself thinking, “man I would love to try this!” or “what would it be like if I did this?” But most of the time, I don’t do that particular thing because I’m scared of what society would think of me if I did.

I will give you an example: When I first thought of shaving my head, I didn’t do it straight away. I first asked my friends, sisters, and my mother what they thought it would look like on me. If they thought it would suit me. By the time, I still had about 50% of my hair (more or less). I was constantly checking my hair when in public, always afraid too many hairless spots could be showing. So as my mother had already shaved her head completely about a year ago, that gave me the idea to do the same. But I was afraid of what it would look like.

And here’s the thing: When I asked my friends and sisters if they thought it would suit me, they were all like “uh, I don’t know… Do you really wanna shave your head? Like, completely? You still have hair, don’t you wanna keep it?” They all had the image in mind society gives you: girls = long hair (or at least any hair). And they weren’t the only ones: All of my life till then, I had had that image in mind, too. I didn’t think any other option could be a good one for me.

My mother was the only one to tell me “If you wanna do it, do it!” because she had already done it and it looked great on her (still does by the way).


And while I really wanted to shave my head because my little hair was going on my nerves, I didn’t do it at first because I thought, hm, maybe they’re right. I listened to other people’s opinions, rather than my own. I now know that that was the wrong thing to do, it only held me back from doing what I truly wanted! While it can be helpful sometimes to ask for a second opinion, or even a third and a fourth, in the end, it still should be you who decides because, it’s still your life we’re talking about and you should be the only one to decide over it.

So one day, I had finally had enough. I took scissors and a razor and cut my hair off. And you know what? It looked great! I was totally amazed what a difference it made to my whole look. I didn’t (and still don’t) have to worry anymore about what my hair looked like, if hairless spots were showing or even that I looked different than other people. I mean, yes, without hair, I look different than other people, but I like that. It’s who I am. And it doesn’t look awkward or something (but that’s my opinion haha), it’s simply my version of a hairdo.


Jezebel, get to the point already! I can feel you.

By shaving my hair, I discovered something totally awesome: You can do whatever the hell you want! Don’t let yourself be held back by what society thinks. The only thing that counts is what you think! It is totally possible to make your life as exciting as you want it to be!

So here’s the whole point: Don’t listen too much to what other people think of your decisions! If you want to do that particular thing, do it! I promise you won’t regret it. And it will feel so damn good to finally having done it. It’s your own life after all, and you have the power to shape it how you want it. And one last thing to remind you: Opinions are totally subjective. So if you think something looks good, someone else could be thinking it looks totally awful. And that’s okay! Everyone is different. (It would be strange if it wasn’t like this, don’t you think?) All that counts is that you think it looks good, or is cool, or interesting, or whatever. Because that’s what will make you happy.

So go ahead and do that crazy thing already! 🙂

xx, Jezebel


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