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The Magic of Reading (and why you need to start reading more books)

magic of reading more books

Reading. I love reading. It can be so magical when you just sit there, completely absorbed in that one particular story. It’s such an incredible way to let everything go.

When reading a book you like, really like, it’s such an easy way to exercise so many things without even realizing it! Here are a few of them, to remind you how incredible reading is or to make you have that ‘wow I definitely need to read more books’ moment!

why you need to read more books

Relax. Okay, well, this is obvious. If you like reading anyway, this is such a good way to just let things go and be. If you don’t, come on, try it! Choose a book you’re interested in, maybe nothing too difficult, sit down and just read a few minutes. See what happens 😉

Get inspired. I love the inspiration that can come along with reading books. Whether it’s a special writing style that gets you in a particular mood, or things mentioned in the story that make you think ‘hey I could try that!’ Can make your life much more colorful and interesting!

Improve your writing style. Yes! Without even thinking about it, reading can really improve your writing style! (Or so it did for me.) Because you read texts that were written by usually damn fantastic writers, you’ll automatically keep some of the phrase structure in the back of your mind and be able to make use of that later. Ever thought about that? I think this is a pretty amazing side effect.

Improve your spelling. Same thing here! I know, I know, sounds kinda ridiculous. But if you want to improve your spelling, reading books can be an easy way to do it! I think you’ll get why 😉

Creativity boost. Like the inspirational part, only better. On the long run, reading books you love could totally boost your creativity! You’ll be introduced to so many ideas and get so much information on so many things, that your creativity will have no choice but to be boosted!

Life lessons. This is one of my favorite parts about reading. Be it a special phrase said by a character or even a whole character in a book, when the book is good, I think you can always learn something about life while reading. This includes phrases that make you think about a topic, whether you’ve thought about it before or not. If not, hey, maybe you just got philosophical?

why you need to read more books blog

What do you like most about reading?

xx, Jezebel

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