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This Is Bruges

chocolate truck bruges project belly button blog

Bruges. What can I say about Bruges? It’s a quite old town in Belgium, and to be honest, this one is really cute and beautiful. There are so many little streets to discover! And with Belgium being famous for its chocolate, chocolate stores (or ‘chocolateries’ how they call them) are never far away! By the way, who would like to be owner of this super sweet chocolate truck?!

chocolaterie bruges project belly button blog

When you wander around a bit you’ll sure come across some extra cozy chocolate stores!

bruges store project belly button blog

While I can’t eat anything at most chocolateries, it’s still fun to explore the different kinds of chocolate… And there are many of them!

bruges project belly button blog

There are also specialized stores that offer all kinds of other delicious stuff! (like twenty sorts of syrup and things)


Like I said, Bruges is such a beautiful old town.


There’s even a little river flowing right through the middle! (Dreamy sight-seeing on a boat anyone?)

And if you’re lucky, you might see one of those old-school horse carriages… Or simply take one yourself for a bit of sight-seeing 😉

…If you’re thinking of going there now, have fun exploring this dreamy old city full of chocolate!

xx, Jezebel

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