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Paris. It’s one of my favorite cities in Europe (although I haven’t been to that many yet – but they’re definitely on my list). I have been to Paris many times with my grandparents or family when I was younger, but this one was the first time I went to discover Paris on my own. I love this feeling – strolling around in a big city, discovering places, things, art, food, people – there’s just so much to discover! Paris is so much more than just the Eiffel Tower an Champs Élysées. So I’m sharing some of my impressions here, hoping you’ll get as excited about visiting Paris as I am. And just saying, there’s so much more to this place and I’m totally going there again. Okay. Enough said. Let’s take a look on some of the beautiful things Paris has to offer.

discovering paris project belly button blog

What I probably love most about Paris is the architecture. Besides the beautiful museums, cathedrals and other famous buildings in this city (and let’s not forget the Eiffel Tower), there are so many buildings whose architecture is simply stunning. The balconies, the rooftops, their whole facades just look so beautiful and romantic.

discovering paris project belly button blog

If you stroll around a bit through the streets, you won’t be able to keep from noticing that Paris is home to many flower shops (heaven for someone like me – I love flowers!). This one was specialized on roses; I don’t remember the exact name but it was something like ‘Au nom de la rose’ – in the name of the rose.

discovering paris project belly button

You’ll also come across some pretty cool street art. I especially liked this one because of the tiger and the background. And I love reading so I also liked that it had some lines written above it, and in such a sweet font.

discovering paris project bel

There are even some genius mosaic art pieces to be found on several buildings! Guess who this is meant to be? (Think of Alice’s adventures in wonderland!)

discovering paris project belly button blog

Although most metro stations in Paris don’t look particularly different than other underground stations around Europe (there are always differences though), there are still some of those artsy-, dreamy-, old-school-, creepy-looking stations with ‘metropolitain’ written above them.

discovering paris project belly button blog

La rue mouffetard is considered one of the spots to go if you want to experience some amazing parisian food. It’s definitely worth a visit, but I don’t think it’s a must. There are still so many beautiful little streets to find yourself some cozy restaurant or café, and the food will still be as good as in the more popular places. So maybe try not to plan where you eat. Decide spontaneously instead and have a more fun and less stressful trip. Plus, you probably won’t as much as in the more popular places.


But what I need to tell you about is that one bookshop. I bet there are plenty of them cozy little bookshops in Paris, but I only had time for one so I decided to go to Shakespeare & Company. Man, this place is absolute heaven. I didn’t make pictures worth showing off (I’m sorry!), but just google it or look it up on pinterest. It’s such a lovely bookstore. They only sell books in the english language, and the staff only talk in english. It’s that kind of bookstore that has its wooden shelves stuffed with books up to the ceiling. Everything’s covered with books, and let me tell you that they have just so many good books, it’s almost impossible to decide on which one to take. Old books, new books, any kind of books. They have wooden ladders, tables covered with books and even the floor is beautiful. If I had one wish to make, it would be one night alone in that bookstore. Seriously. Have I mentioned before that I am crazy about books and reading? Probably. Sorry for probable over-mentioning haha. So one last thing about this bookstore. It’s kinda popular, so you might have to wait a few minutes before you’re let in, but I swear it will so be worth the wait. If you love books, this bookstore is definitely a must.

discovering paris blog

Do you like flea markets? I do, and that’s why I loved taking a walk along the Seine, where several vendors sell old books, posters, postcards and more. As a book lover, I especially liked looking through french books. There are so many incredible old books to discover, and prices start at 2€! It took me at least half an hour to decide on one… But I managed and took one beautiful old french poem collection home with me. (I found it so beautiful I think I’d have taken it even if I couldn’t speak french a bit.)

paris poems project belly button blogparis book poems discovering blog

So this is like 1% of what you can still see and do, and experience in Paris. Go there if you get the chance, it will so be worth it.

xx, Jezebel

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