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childhood memories

childhood memories

Nostalgic feelings anyone?

Remember the time when the whole world seemed to be a huge playground? The time when the only things you had to worry about were a fight with your sisters about some toy and your maths homework… You know what i’m talking about. Childhood. That time when this world of ours was still full of miracles. (yes, i like the words miracle and magic)

I recently found some old photos…


…me acting as if actually talking on the phone pretty seriously


…me after my father once had cleaned his bike. I remember that day, it was summer and my sister and i went jumping around in the dirty puddles that formed on the ground. It was very much fun!


i like this one. It’s one of my favorite pictures of my grandpa and me besides the one on top. (Although i have red pupils on this one – remember the time when almost everyone on most photos appeared to have red pupils?)


This is my absolute favorite photo in this collection – i’m smiling so hard it almost looks like i’m a serial killer or something… And i don’t know what my sister is doing there with her tongue haha.

What are your favorite childhood memories?

xx, Jezebel

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