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I know it’s already winter (at least here in Germany), but i wanted to share this. Many people have been telling us to go out to spend time in nature lately. I think i read an article somewhere about how healthy it is and how spending time in nature can have many benefits. I even saw something about ‘forest bathing’ (i think that was the term) in another article. And man, yes! Now i haven’t been doing a survey or something, but going out to spend some time in the woods is always deeply relaxing for me. It calms my mind. It’s such a good method to calm down when you’re stressed and feel like there’s way too much on your to-do list.


So, why not go on a discover-walk through the nearby forest or fields? There’s so much beauty that is waiting to be found, and so many good views that are waiting for you to come and find them.


Forest air smells always like freedom to me. Plus, there is always so much beautiful natural decoration lying around in the woods/fields/mountains or even in the park if you live in a city; just picking something up or collecting things would be a great way to bring more nature into your home!


Or you could collect organic ingredients for some amazing healthy recipe. For example, during summertime, we sometimes go and pick some wild garlic in the forest. (To make some incredible pesto or soup for instance)


Also, nature is always the perfect place to dream yourself away…

wald-1 wald-7 wald-6

What do you like about nature?

All photos taken by my amazing sister Janine.

xx, Jezebel

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