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This weekend, i’m excited about so many things. Okay, i got to learn some nasty school stuff but besides that, here’s what i’m excited about: This granola recipe. It’s not raw, but it’s crunchy, healthy and contains only two ingredients (or three if you like). More about that in a sec. What else? Food (and other) photography. I found out some things on how to optimize my photos, so you’ll (*me pretending to have more than 2 readers*) hopefully be able to look at prettier pictures soon. Yay! Sorry for the rather unimpressive pictures in this and several other posts by the way. I love beautiful photos and don’t like it at all when my photos don’t look how i want them to. Kinda freaks me out. So getting closer to having only beautiful and professional photos on my blog makes me a happy girl.

What else am i excited about? This is the most important part (to me), and it’s kinda obvious: Christmas. There will be a post about wrapping presents this weekend, and i loveeee wrapping presents. In fact, i love all about presents: Making them, choosing them, wrapping them, and getting them!

But on to granola now. I created this recipe spontaneously after school, because i wanted to make something that could be used as topping. I love toppings, and granola is a pretty awesome and delicious one at that. I’d rather kept it raw, but it hadn’t been crunchy then. A good option for making raw food crunchy is using a food dryer, but i didn’t have the patience for that. So if you want to keep your granola raw and make it crunchy at the same time, consider putting it on a fruit dryer until it’s as crunchy as you want it (might take about 24h).

One last thing about this granola: It doesn’t contain oats. I really like oats, they can be an amazing ingredient for anything and oatmeal is to die for if you make it right, but my tummy doesn’t like it. (Not wanting to give more information haha.) So i’m leaving it out of my diet. What did i put in this granola instead? Two words. Three words. Almonds. Dates. Cinnamon. Yeeeesss.

Nothing left to say but that this granola is seriously delicious. Plus, it’s easy to make and takes actually only 5mins if you don’t count the baking time. you can use it as a topping, or simply as a snack. 🙂


almond cinnamon granola (makes 1 large jar)

  • 1 cup almonds
  • 1/2 cup dates
  • 1 tsp cinnamon (optional)
  1. In a food processor, mix everything until it begins to stick together but doesn’t form one large dough clump yet. If you don’t have a food processor, use ground almonds and a mixer. If the dates aren’t soft enough, soak them in warm water for about 20mins.
  2. Using a fork, spread small chunks of granola dough on a baking sheet.
  3. Bake on 150°C for about 30mins or until your granola is crunchy enough. Alternatively, you could use a fruit dryer to keep it raw. This will take about 24 hours.

granola-3 granola-4

Are you as excited about christmas approaching as i am? (Which is really excited)


xx, Jezebel

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