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visiting Barcelona

Barcelona art

bARceLonA is such a beautiful city. Honestly. The architecture, the plants, the little alleyways with lots of cute independent stores to discover. I loved it there. The photos below are only some impressions. (There will be more photos in my posts about places in the future, promise. I just didn’t know i would post about Barcelona at the time i visited, so i don’t have too many photos.) I will share some things to google for you in this post just in case you want to visit and need some inspiration 🙂


tHiS is the Palau Nacional. The building is huge and i think the architecture is rather impressive! It’s already pretty cool to visit at daylight, but if you want some more entertaining, head there in the evening when one of these special ‘shows’ take place. What i’m speaking about is the Font màgica (magic fountain). There’s a big fountain in front of the building which is only turned on in some evenings. As the name already indicates, it’s kinda magical to watch it then because they make a huge show of it. The fountain is illuminated, changing colors and shapes. I think the main reason to go there is that you not only get to see something you might not have seen before (although some may consider it boring), but you get to enjoy the atmosphere of a concert or something because so many people go there to watch it, you get to enjoy a pretty cool water and light show and it’s totally free!

Barcelona garden

oNcE you’re in Barcelona, and you want to see some beautiful architecture (combined with nature!), make sure to head to Park Güell. Its completely design is by the  famous architect Antoni Gaudí (died in 1926). His architecture draws through the whole of the city like a cobweb. If you don’t know it, google it. I’m serious, it’s different, and kinda beautiful in its own way, and it’s impressive. Also make sure to visit the Sagrada Família, a huge cathedral designed by Gaudí (ask Mr Google!). It’s beautiful and makes you think somehow… (or maybe that’s just me, but it made me remember there are soo many beautiful things in this world i want to discover!)

Back to Park Güell. I’m terribly sorry i don’t have a photo, but it’s a perfect place to relax, and to enjoy architecture and nature at the same time. (Although you’ll have to find some place that’s not so crowded cause there are many people visiting it every day.) Entry costs around 7€, but it’s totally worth it.

Barcelona cafe

When taking a stroll in the city, you’ll sure come across some amazing cafes like this one!

Barcelona walking

Beside the buildings that were designed by Gaudí, most of the architecture in Barcelona is just beautiful. Maybe not as impressive, but it still makes want to wander around in the streets all day. (By the way, the girl with the black bag is my sister, and the bald girl in front of her is me:)

Barcelona art

I also liked the (maybe partly accidental) street art that you’ll come across!

Barcelona art

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