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Why vegan? + What happened after being vegan for several months

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This is the story of how and why i went vegan. Because why on earth would someone say goodbye to ‘all the good food’?! This is the story from my point of view. So…

my story.

jezi apfel

When i was little, my parents did some kind of special alternative diet called ‘Instincto‘ with me and my sisters. They wanted to try this to see if it helped with my father’s skin issues, and my mother’s alopecia (when you lose your hair, my parents have it both and one of my sisters and i have it too). When doing Instincto you only eat unprocessed foods, and you don’t heat them over 40°C. (Just in case you’re wondering now: Yes, we did eat fish, meat and eggs raw. No, it didn’t affect our health in a negative way.) I was brought up eating strictly like this until i was five, and so this kind of diet was always kinda normal for me when i was a kid. For example, I had my first slice of bread when i was five years old, and till i was nine or something, i didn’t know what lasagna was. I had a different kind of reality, and i think that affected me a bit in making the decision of going vegan.

As i spent my childhood thinking it was ‘normal’ i knew many sorts of exotic fruit and vegetable that others didn’t, and that my family used to eat their food raw, i became more and more interested in healthier, more conscious ways of living as i grew older. But that’s been only for the last one or two years. At some point, my family switched to a conventional diet. I began to eat whatever i wanted. I think i still didn’t eat that unhealthy, because my mother wouldn’t buy all unhealthy sweets like marshmallows for example, or junk food. But i adapted my eating habits more and more to those of the people around me.

Why did i finally become vegan?

vegan food

I took my first step towards an individualized diet because i was being bloated every day from when i was about 15. (Not cool to talk about this, i know, i’m sorry.) At first i didn’t know what it was coming from. I mean, i suspected it could be because i was eating the wrong stuff, but i didn’t know how to find out what exactly was causing it. But at some point i had had enough. It hurt and i couldn’t concentrate on anything when my stomach felt like a balloon filled with air or something. So i decided i needed to find out what was causing the bloat and eliminate these things from my diet. By reading a lot about common foods causing bloat, and trying out different foods and my stomach’s reaction to them, i found out i mostly get bloated when i eat: grains, dairy, refined sugar and even some vegetables like green beans. This meant i had to cut those foods out of my diet. No more bread, no more processed foods containing sugar, and no more dairy. And it worked. I was feeling better almost immediately after changing my diet.

I still wasn’t eating all vegan. I simply hadn’t thought about it until then. But as i became more and more interested in eating healthy, i also became aware of my choice to do something good to the planet we live on while doing something good to me. And what with the meat, I never liked it a lot. I don’t know exactly why, but i just didn’t like to eat it too often. Maybe i already didn’t like the idea that i was eating dead animals. Plus i discovered there are actually sooo many awesome things you can do with plants. I realized there are so many people out there proving it, spreading love and beauty and awesomeness!

spicy bliss balls

example of pretty amazing vegan stuff you can do in the kitchen: Spicy bliss balls (with dried plums and cinnamon)

My top reasons for being vegan + what’s happened until now after cutting out animal products, refined sugar and grains

#1 I don’t eat meat because i don’t like how most animals are being treated. I don’t want to be a part of this, and i don’t want to support this. And i think that there are already enough people consuming a lot of meat, so i don’t need to add up to the number of animals being eaten each year. I still think it’s normal for humans to eat meat, but the way modern society is treating animals like they’re worthless, producing them just like any other food, has become insupportable for me.

Huhn Teneriffa

#2 I don’t eat dairy because a) my body doesn’t tolerate it that good and b) i don’t like the idea of taking away something from living creatures that isn’t meant for me. That’s my own subjective opinion, but i just don’t think it’s right to consume milk or food made of milk that’s originally meant for baby cows.

#3 I like the idea of doing something good for the planet while doing something good for me. It makes me a happier person.

#4 There are soo many amazing things you can make and eat while still staying healthy!! Plus creating such recipes is a great way to be creative! You can have cake, fudge, chocolate, ice cream, almost anything you want while eating healthy and plant-based! (Ya i may be a bit obsessed with raw and vegan food…)

#5 I feel much better now that i don’t eat dairy and meat. I have more energy, my bloating issues are almost entirely gone, and my skin has become clearer. I used to have really dry and burning skin sometimes in some spots like armpits, but that is gone now. And i’m more than sure that it is because i changed my eating habits. Also my nose always used to be greasy (is that the right word?) and kind of red which was really annoying, and that is also gone now. It seems like the whole skin on my face has improved, which is amazing! I never was the type for using tons of make-up, but i am using even less now and don’t feel like i’m looking like a piece of sh** without any make-up anymore. Another amazing point is that i always used to feel kinda bad after eating foods like ice-cream, burgers or other things high in sugar, fat or salt. I mean not only mentally, but physically. So that’s not an issue anymore, and i’m more than happy about that.

One thing i still haven’t entirely achieved is keeping my wardrobe all vegan. I’m trying to avoid animal products or products containing animal products when i buy something new now, but in the past i wouldn’t really care about that so my DocMartens for example are made out of leather. I’ll be trying to clear my wardrobe from animal products in the future. 

Why i’m not trying to convince others of a vegan diet

I just don’t think there’s any reason for me to tell everyone around me why they should go vegan. I made the decision to go vegan for myself, and not to show something to the others or to make some kind of statement. It’s the way i want to live and i think everyone should decide for themselves which lifestyle is best for them. Plus i don’t think there actually is ‘the one right way’ to live. There are so many different lifestyles one could choose, and i think everyone should choose which one is right for them.

It’s snowing!!! Looks beautiful, i think i will have to go outside later… (I know that’s got nothing to do with the topic, but i wanted to mention it;)

What people told me when i went vegan…

smoothie london

Some of my friends, my father and my grandma: ‘you’re vegan now? You know that can’t be healthy right? There’s no way you’re getting everything you need when leaving out animal products! I bet that’s just one of your phases’ (I love you but i know what i’m doing!;)

Some other friends: ‘oh you’re vegan? That’s cool, i wish i could do that, too.’

My uncle: ‘Man i bet you’ll have difficulties finding something to eat when traveling’

My mother: ‘I think it’s cool, do whatever you want’

And what i thought: ‘Think what you want, i know what i’m doing and i am feeling much better now.’

I think it shouldn’t matter for you what people think about you doing what you want to do. It’s your decision and if it makes you feel better and happier, it’s a good decision. End of story.

jezi laughing

Anyone convinced of a vegan diet now? (Just kidding haha, do whatever you want)

xx, Jezebel

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