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book review: Black Rabbit Hall

black rabbit hall book review blog

I love books. I loved them from the first time i tried reading one on my own, when i was about six or so, and i love them still. They’re so more than just pages filled with words for me. If a book is good, and if i like the story and the writing style, i can get lost within its pages for hours, without the need of looking up or doing anything else. It’s like the book opens a gate to another world just for you, and i love that feeling. It feels a bit like dreaming, only you’re awake and you choose what you want to dream yourself, or something like that. Okay, i should probably stop talking about books in general and start talking about the one this article is about, hehe.

Black Rabbit Hall went out to be the exact type of book that i love: it’s a mysterious story with lovely characters, it’s set in two different ages and it has an epic happy end that made me cry through the whole last chapter. Seriously. Oh and it’s set in England! I can’t but love stories that are set in England!

Usually, i don’t like stories so much which are told in one book and that’s it. I like book series better. That way you get more time to get to know the protagonists, more suspense can be built and you start identifying with the characters way more than when it’s just one book. Plus the feeling of being part of the story, in my opinion, can get much more intense when reading a book series. I’m thinking of Harry Potter, or The Hunger Games for example. But somehow the story of Black Rabbit Hall still gave me that magical feeling i get when reading a really good book.

Now what is the story about?

What i liked most about this book is that it’s actually two stories, which come out to be way more linked to each other than you would imagine in the beginning.

There’s Lorna in the present day: She and her fiancé are looking for a place to celebrate their marriage when they come across Black Rabbit Hall in Cornwall, an old, a bit dilapidated but still beautiful mansion which Lorna instantly falls in love with. Not being able to shake the feeling that her past is somehow connected to this building, she dives deeper and deeper into its history and step by step discovers several good kept secrets both concerning Black Rabbit Hall and her own past.

The other part of the story is told from the view of Amber in the 60s. Her family, consisting of her, her parents and her three siblings, owned Black Rabbit Hall back then and used to come there every summer. The family is one everybody could dream of, with parents that love each other and their children fiercely; and siblings that mock each other, go on adventures together and protect each other. Amber’s mother is, in my opinion, the most lovable character in this story: She’s beautiful, kind, understanding, passionate, wise and everything else you could wish for in a mother. Then, one summer, a tragedy takes place that changes everything. Amber and her siblings need to fight hard to keep going, while several other changes test their bonds and personal strengths over and over again.

While Amber and Lorna alternately tell their stories, you get lured deeper and deeper inside the mysterious history of Black Rabbit Hall and the family it belonged to. What definitely lead to me reading the book in only two sittings (which is little for me, i tend to read books in many but short sittings haha) is that every time suspension is built and you’re extra excited because you wanna know how the story continues, the chapter ends and the perspective swaps from Lorna to Amber or vice versa. Soo annoying but such a clever move from the author, haha!

That’s all i’m gonna tell you about this book for now. Seriously, if you’re thinking about which book to read next, this one would be an amazing choice!

Which stories have you been into lately?

xx, Jezebel

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