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vegan food in lower manhattan: the healthy stuff

vegan healthy food guide new york

While it’s still difficult to find vegan food in most places in Europe – especially if you’re looking for the interesting and creative stuff – New York City is the absolute heaven for vegans. (And it’s obviously not in Europe – I think there are far more vegan options in the US in general.) It’s true that food in NYC is usually pretty expensive, but oh you can find some seriously amazing stuff which is totally worth the money! Let’s talk about the healthy stuff first in this post 😉

(The next post will be all about the decadent semi-healthy stuff – I swear.)

Juice Press.

Juice Press is this amazing all vegan, organic juice chain in NY. What makes them special is that they not only make those super healthy juices and smoothies, not to mention amazing raw food, including kale chips and sweets, but their whole attitude and the ambiance in their locations is simply bursting with positivity. I seriously went there like at least every second day, because I wanted to try everything! Below you can see one of their juices and an almond butter acai bowl, topped with granola and toasted coconut flakes. (When you’re going there for your first time, I would recommend trying on of their smoothies first – the Fountain of Youth and anything with almond butter or chocolate are amazing)

They have several locations all over Manhattan – all you have to do is google them:)

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Beyond Sushi.

I am filing this under ‘healthy’ because I figured it’s not super unhealthy haha;) Because vegan sushi is basically just rice, fruit and vegetable, ginger and some vegan sauce. There’s nothing more to say about this sushi than that it is just very delicious. If you like sushi, you will definitely like this. And I’m always impressed when I try sauces that taste similar to non-vegan ones – which is the case here!

They have two different locations in Manhattan; one is in Chelsea Market and one is near Union Square.

Market Ipanema.

Located almost across from the famous The Butcher’s Daughter near Chinatown, they’re an amazing (and rather new I think) brazilian (or something like that, not sure) Café, with lots of vegan options. They’re not entirely vegan, but they focus on healthy and creative food, plus all of their dishes are 100% recyclable which almost (!) makes up for the fact that they’re not entirely vegan 😉

Below you can see an avocado acai bowl (the avocado makes it incredibly creamy, and it’s super delicious if you add some sweetener!), some fruit jars, and and the raspberry cashew cream (pure deliciousness!)

They’re located in Kenmore Street, the nearest Subway Station is Spring Street.

I hope this will make finding healthy vegan food a little easier for you when visiting NYC!

Lots of love


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