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why change is a good thing


Hey everyone, I’m Joelle, Jezebel’s sister, and I’ll be co-working with her now to bring some new inspiration on this blog and show you my point of view.

So here I am to tell you something I’ve learned about changes. I recently cut my hair from a bit over shoulder-length to a pretty short pixie-cut and that may not sound like such a big deal but it actually really was for me. Before I had pretty curls which everyone said were so beautiful and everything and that’s probably one of the reasons why I haven’t cut them in a long time now (I already had them about ear-length once which looked really awkward and I intend not to speak about this ;)). The other thing is that everybody in my family, including Jezebel, has Alopecia and so I’m somehow the only person with hair in my family which is quite a surprise because there isn’t really any explanation why. That means I was always told that I have to think of my hair as a precious thing because everyone else did so, but the pity is that I am also the only person who doesn’t really care so much about her hair, probably because you always want the things you don’t have and often don’t appreciate the things you have even though you know that’s wrong.

So that’s somehow why I just let my hair as it was but the thing is that I never really felt comfortable that way and this may sound weird but I always had the feeling that I couldn’t think as good when I wore my hair open and not in a ponytail as I did most of the time. It felt just like my hair almost hurt when it fell on my shoulders and I was in a bad mood almost all the time then. I know this sounds really weird because it’s just hair and yeah.. but what I didn’t realize for a long time was that it wasn’t actually the hair (okay maybe a bit, curls can need really intensive care).

For the main part it was because of what the long hair said about myself, how it made me feel, because it’s just this stereotype that girls are supposed to have nice long hair and everything but that’s just not for me. And then one day, when I really got tired of the feeling I had with my long hair, I got the idea to just cut it off and I looked for pictures and felt very excited to get a pixie (like Emma Watson did, she’s a real inspiration). I went to the hairstylist the next week and just let her cut away most of my hair. It was such a good feeling afterwards, because I had managed to do something of my own, to really change something and that mostly isn’t as easy as you may think at the beginning.

The funny thing is that I now get so many compliments on how my new hairstyle suits me so well and how different I look. What I also like about this new change is how it has made me more self-confident and that this finally gives me a bit of freedom to decide where I go, to decide which kind of woman I want to become.

Because even if I was a bit scared at first and thought that maybe short hair wouldn’t suit me or something I missed the main point: It doesn’t matter what kind of hairstyle or clothes or whatever you wear, if it’s you, if it expresses who you are, it can never be wrong. If you don’t feel well the way you are now, then don’t be scared, make the change, be brave because if that’s what you want you will turn out more beautiful than ever, for nothing’s more beautiful than feeling comfortable in the way you look or dress or show yourself. You just have to listen to what your stomach says, make the decision with your guts and make it so fast that the head doesn’t even have time to worry about it because the desire to be who you really are comes from heart, not from your brain that tells you to be skinny or wear make-up or have long curls because they are considered to be so beautiful for women. Don’t let the society tell you who you can be and who you can’t be because then you’ll end up not knowing who you really are anymore.

So what I really just want to say: Listen to your heart and your guts if you want to change things about yourself and don’t let gender roles or clothing companies tell you who you should be. Just make the change and it may turn out to be the best thing you have done so far in your life, and from there maybe you’ll see the road you want to go down clearer than ever.

Hope that my experiences and thoughts could help you,

your Joelle 🙂

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