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Hey, this is Joelle again 🙂

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately and since I’ve also gone vegan 2 months ago, nature was a big topic that went through my head. As a vegan you (or I at least) get much more aware of your surroundings and especially of the animals around you, that we share the planet with, but also the earth itself, because shouldn’t this planet be one of the most important things in our life?

Our Earth is the place where we live, it’s our home, it’s what gives us our life in the first place, it allows us to live. Then, if it’s the essence of all life, why is humanity so desperately trying to destroy it?

When I spent some time in the forest today, I started thinking about this. When you look at what we’re doing to the animals as well as to the planet (which will turn out as the same thing in the end), it all comes down to the thought that we’re superior to other living beings, that we’re superior to everything and everyone on this planet, simply because we have the ability to understand such things as logics and morals and because we can build houses and invent cars and whatever.

And I don’t want to say that these abilities are bad, no, I appreciate what humans are able to do, but it’s the way how we use them. Somewhere in the evolution humans started to think that the talents we have are an excuse for possessing, yes even enslaving, what is around us. We started enslaving the animals, simply because we enjoyed having power over them. And that is how we started thinking that we are the ‘masters’ of this planet, forgetting that we were a part of it. We also began enslaving nature itself, because when you look around, what do you see that hasn’t been influenced by humans? It’s not that we only influence the earth around us, we shape it, we build skyscrapers where there were once beautiful forests, we build streets everywhere.

You could say that’s just how we live today and yes, that’s true, but what you have to ask is, where does that come from? And there comes the thought that maybe the feeling of superiority is not the root, maybe it is the tiny small thought that we don’t fit into this world. Just think about it, what would you describe as true beauty? Downtown NYC or the Rain Forest? London or the Scottish Highlands?

So maybe man’s greatest treasure is also the greatest curse. Because we’re different. That means, maybe we feel like we’re not good enough. Because humans make mistakes, our society is built on lies and tricks and jealousy and greed and all these things that come up with having a brain that works like ours. But the earth has such a good working system, the trees and the water and the grass and the wind and the birds and the fishes and the land animals and just everything on this planet works so good together without even using words or mathematical theories or philosophy.

And maybe that’s why we live as we do. We feel like we have to build our own world, like we have to make this world ours, because it’s perfect and we’re not. Right now I feel like there are two worlds, the one we built with our houses and streets and the one that has been there originally, the green and blue one, and we’re currently working on destroying the original nature and building our own world instead.

But maybe we are an evolutionary mistake.

We could be that one bad part every system has. And that is why it’s so hard for us to connect with the environment around us. We are not even confident enough to wear our own skin and have to dress up instead. We use our mind to solve problems we created ourselves.

It is not too late, though. Good news are that every system has mistakes, that’s part of the working progress. But we have to start accepting this instead of fighting against it. The problems begin when we disconnect with the world and act like we own it. We have to see that we are good enough.

So I just want to tell you, look around you, go out in the wilderness, re-connect with nature and think about what humans do to our world and if you want to support this. Have in mind that the earth is not ours, that we should be a part of it.

You are an Earthling. (no, no I didn’t steal this ;D)

See you, greet your neighbours from me,


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