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This is a poem Joelle wrote. Take the time to read it and feel free to tell us what you think.


When she was 5

she had a best friend

They would play on the grass

all day long

And when times got hard

she would meet her

And tell her everything

Until all tears were cuddled away.

When she was 8

her friend moved away

They came at night

and took her

Mommy and Daddy said she was alright

The men would take care of her.

When she was 10

she stopped waiting for her friend to return

And told herself to forget about her

because that’s what everybody else did

She would find a new best friend

That’s what they said.

When she was 13

she had found new friends

They would have fun together

And talk and laugh

But her problems

they stayed inside of her

Because nobody would listen

and her best friend was still missing.

When she was 15

she found out

That her best friend had not been alright at all

The men had not taken care of her

Because she had moved to a fabric

And there

they had taken everything from her

Every last drop

Until she fell

and couldn’t stand up again.

When she heard

she cried

And invited everyone

to come

to the memorial of her best friend

And when the day came

She stood alone

Nobody was there

Because her friend

had been a cow

And cows don’t get memorials.

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