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9 of my favorite vegan food places in nyc


I’ve been to a lot of places this year after finishing High School (just traveling without too much planning; it’s been soo much fun so far!) – and everywhere i went i somehow made it my mission to try out every vegan place there is. But from all the places i’ve been to, New York City has been so far the most impressing in terms of vegan food. You don’t even really have to go looking for vegan places, just by exploring the city you’ll come across so many amazing spots where they have vegan food – which ranges from super healthy, raw, and organic hipster stuff, over expensive fine dining to the most amazing creative and delicious (fast) food i’ve ever tried!

And because there are way too many places to chose from, here is my list of the best not-necessarily-healthy-but-definitely-most-delicious food in NYC.


By Chloe.

They’re an all vegan, hip fast food chain with several locations throughout Manhattan and one location in Brooklyn. If you only have one or two days in the city and wanna find something quick yet amazing, go there!! Their menu is awesome; they have the best salads, burgers, pasta (mac & cheese!!) and a lot more you can dream of (their sweet potato fries are life.) They also have ice cream and sweets, and there’s even one location just for that (google Sweets by Chloe). My personal favorites are the Quinoa Taco Salad and the sweet potato fries, but i guess all their burgers are amazing too, they’re supposed to be some of the best in the city.

Cinnamon Snail.

Originally, they were serving from a food truck i think, but they now have a fixed location inside the Pennsy’s next to Penn station. I think i also read somewhere that they got an award for the best food truck or something. They have sandwiches, burgers and doughnuts, which are sooo good! Definitely try their burgers or sandwiches if you get the chance. Giving those to non-vegans is also an amazing opportunity to prove that vegans don’t just eat kale 😛               For the doughnuts, I’d say they’re definitely very good, but better save that money for later when you stop by

Dun-Well Doughnuts.

Unfortunately i don’t have a picture of their out-of-this-world awesomeness in doughnut form, but trust me when i say, these are the best doughnuts you’ll ever try. Seriously. Vegan or not, it doesn’t matter. I’ve only been to their Brooklyn location, which is worth going to not only because of the doughnuts, but it’s also a super cool place to chill out, do some work on your laptop or meet up with a group. The staff is super friendly and makes you feel welcome, and the atmosphere is a bit like in a cool (dark) retro bar, but quiet. Just go there and see for yourself 🙂 They also have a location in Manhattan, which i haven’t been to but i bet it’s just as awesome, just maybe a bit smaller.

Delice & Sarrasin.

They’re this super cute, small, french, family run restaurant and believe me when i say theyir food is the best. (Didn’t i say that about every place on this list? haha i’m sorry, but it’s true.) I wouldn’t go there alone (although you can if you want!), it’s more like a place for fancy dining or brunch, but if you can get even just one person to go there with you, do it. This place is really something special; because it’s so small it’s super cozy, and the food is the best french food you can imagine, only vegan. Sounds good? Be sure to try the cheese (soo good, they make it themselves) and the gluten-free crêpes. Or try anything, it doesn’t really matter cause it’s all damn awesome.

Location: Christopher St, off Greenwich Ave, Manhattan

Rockin Raw.

I don’t have a picture of the food here either, cause i sometimes forget to charge my camera, or to clear space on the card, or just leave it at home because… sometimes you just don’t want to bring your camera. Who can relate? Anyway, i discovered this cute restaurant while strolling through Greenwich village one afternoon. What makes them special is that, not only are they tucked away in some beautiful side street off Greenwich avenue, but their menu is all raw. Perfect if you’re feeling adventurous and wanna try something different! I think the dessert is something to really look forward to, although i haven’t tried it. But raw vegan dessert is very good in general, so i’d definitely go for it 😉

Champs Diner.

This one is located in Brooklyn, and if you have the time, go there!! The food and the style of this one are both on point, and it’s all vegan! Need i say more? No? Haha just kidding, here’s a small description for you: Its styled like an old-fashioned american diner, and exactly so. Even the music is retro, which exactly fits the whole atmosphere. If you’re not from the US (like me) you’ll probably get the feeling of being in an american movie or TV series (I’m thinking ‘Riverdale’ right now!) And it doesn’t just stop with this: Their menu is huge, and you can choose from any typical american fast-food dish you can imagine. I went there with a friend, and we got the mac & cheese, a strawberry milkshake, a burger and sweet potato fries which were all amazinggggg. They also have grain & veggie bowls, if you’re looking for something healthier 😉 Plus they serve breakfast (yes, pancakes!) and have a very decadent-looking selection of cakes. My tip: Take a non-vegan here, it’ll make it soo much easier to convince them of vegan food!

Seasoned Vegan. 

Another amazing vegan restaurant (some might say it’s the best in NYC), something if you’re down for a bit more classical dining. Their food is unbelievably good, trust me. They have comfort food and classical dishes, while being super creative with their cooking. (Try the mac & cheese, it’s so good!) They also have stuff like “fish” with a lemon crust and faux meat. And a lot more, but it’s been a while since I went there so I can’t quite remember it all now. Just trust me and go there, and see for yourself 😉

Location: Harlem


No pictures, again. Arghh i’m so sorry! But please read this anyway: They. Have. Vegan. Chocolate. Truffles. And. Macarons. And. Lots of other stuff like cookies and brownies. And not only does every single treat in this store taste amazing, but the variety and originality of the flavors is simply stunning. Think rosemary sea salt, lavender rose vanilla or basil melon. They keep coming up with more flavors, and oh, they are just as good as they sound (and also look just as dashing, by the way!)

Erin McKenna’s Bakery.

They’re a very small, cute bakery in some side street near China Town and Little Italy. They have a variety of baked goods along with fancy cakes (if i remember correctly), which are definitely worth a try and make for a perfect afternoon treat! I’d not necessarily go into the area just to try out their stuff, cause there’s really not much around to see, but if you’re exploring Little Italy and China Town (which i really recommend, if even only for the amazing street food stalls in China Town – they have lots of awesome fresh fruits and veggies and they’re cheap) then you should definitely end your exploring tour by stopping by Erin McKenna’s!

Location: 248 Broome St, nearest subway stations: Grand St/ Essex St

Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co.

Healthy but divine ice cream anyone? Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co. does just that: Amazing natural soft serve flavors, all the delicious toppings you want and, if you’re feeling like getting something extra decadent, get it in a gluten-free vegan pretzel cone. Yup. Such a thing actually exists. Again, no pictures, but believe me when i say, this is the place for healthy vegan ice cream place in Manhattan.

Location: Union Square.

LifeThyme Natural Market.

Located right at the corner of the southend of Greenwich avenue, this independent supermarket is specialized on healthy food. If you’re in a rush and just wanna grab something quick, or even if you want to go grocery shopping and are looking for something with real vegan options, go here. They not only have lots of vegan stuff like ice cream, cheese and fake meat, but, and listen closely now, they have a whole shelf in the back with (raw) vegan dessert. And the options are endless here, i could have literally stayed here for hours, just looking at the different cakes, bars, puddings and creams. There’s also a shelf with ready-to-eat dishes, which are not all vegan but they have a lot of vegan options. Think mac & cheese with tempeh or spaghetti with seitan meatballs. Oh and, if you’re looking for something healthy yet affordable, they have a salad buffet which is mostly vegan 🙂


So, these are my favorite places in NYC where you can get the best vegan food, some of them less healthy than others 😛 but all undoubtedly delicious. Be sure to try at least some of them if you’re in New York; whether you’re vegan or not, i promise you you’ll love them just as much as i did! There are still a couple more vegan places in NYC that are said to be some of the best, but i didn’t try them all so i didn’t include them here. It’s definitely worth trying out some for yourself which are not listed here, and then tell me which ones are your favorites!

Make also sure to read my guide to healthy food in Manhattan, here. There’s some seriously awesome stuff in there as well!

Hope this helps making your next trip to NYC a bit easier in regards of food 🙂

xx, Jezebel

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