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photography series: manhattan

this is a new york city travel guide / photographs and their stories

Photographs. Do you ever see a picture, and wonder what story’s hidden in it? Wonder what happened in that moment, why the picture was taken? Let me tell you the stories to these pictures, although some of them might remain half mysteries… But aren’t secrets what make life so wonderfully exciting?

Baby banana. You see a banana, i see…

my childhood. Eating baby bananas for lunch with my mom and my sisters. // chinatown. being in a big american city and in Asia at the same time. Like a strange dream, feeling so real that you mistake it for normality. // Awesome, delicious, healthy food for several days – for 1$!! // Being alone for the day, but the kind lady at the fruit stall, eating this banana, and taking that picture being what makes me feel lucky.

City jungle. Beautiful graffiti, lots of it if you look closely. Tons of people, mostly ignoring each other. Strange beauty in chaos. And the comfort in knowing that, although it’s a beautiful mess, you feel lucky to not have to actually live there right now.

Meeting strangers who become friends for a few days. The best thing about traveling. People you would never have met otherwise. Doing activism with the girl with the same haircut as me. Talking about veganism and things and actually agreeing. Being lost and not lost at the same time.

Two things you can’t see in the picture: A group of german high school students stopped by, and one guy said something about wanting to pour water over our message; funny how people get more confident when being mean. Another guy stopped by and asked if we did that, and that he thinks it’s a cool thing to do; i didn’t ask him if he’s vegan but i should have.

The message said: Vegan: A person who has the crazy idea that animals shouldn’t suffer.

Chinatown, again. Exotic fruits and vegetables, reminding me a lot of my childhood. Their smell blending in with the foul smell of fish being sold on the same street. Kind asian people selling stuff. Lots of people passing by. The sun shining down on everyone.

Almost walked past this beautiful, hidden, cozy little café. Like from a dream you’ve been having for a long time, put there for you to see, just for you. Reminding you that those perfectly imperfect things exist, that you can create anything you want, that nothing is impossible. And that you need little to be happy.

Like from a movie, an abandoned place that’s not abandoned. You take your picture and walk past, you forget about it. Then, later, you look at the picture and wonder what the story might be.

Did you ever walk past an impressing piece of graffiti, stopped, looked at it and asked yourself: Who put it there? When did they do it and why? How long did it take them? How did they do it without getting in trouble?

When you come across something like this and think for yourself: This is why i came here. To discover beautiful little shops like this. To get inspired. To be reminded that those things that you dream of, they exist.

Beauty in chaos. Again. But different. Those interesting side streets. Interesting because they’re different. And then someone is unexpectedly kind to you, and that puts a smile on your face for the day. And you’re so much in that moment, it seems so normal for you to be there right now, that you forget about its uniqueness. And then, when it’s gone, you wish you’d appreciated it more, soaked in every detail, so you could remember it now even better. Memories are strange little things, like stardust in our hands…

Do you have any big city travel memories you want to share?

xx, Jezebel

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