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Little things


“The little things are the ones that count.” I don’t know how often I have heard or read this. It is an interesting quote, don’t you think? And although I have always liked this one, I can’t help but think about the truth behind this.

It implicates that the little things are the only ones that are important. And I was wondering today, what the difference is between the small and the big things. Finally I came to the conclusion that there is none. They are all things.There is no difference in how those things work. It is simply an action, a situation, anything that makes us feel something, that is important enough for us to give it a thought, to let it influence our feelings.

And sometimes the things that make us feel something, sometimes they are big. Sometimes they are connected to a huge effort that a loved one put in there or it is a big present. These are considered as ‘big things’, just as certain moments are; you might consider a graduation as a big thing or maybe a birthday.

But sometimes the things that make us feel something are small situations that you might easily forget because they are just not connected to anything remarkable, like that one time a stranger smiled at you for no reason or when you find the socks that you have wanted to have for such a long time (this is what happened to me today, they’re called ‘Happy Socks’ and I love them). Maybe someone important to you hugs you or you might incidentally find an awesome vegan cafe on the streets. These are called the ‘little things’.

And the only reason one of them is described as small or little and the other one is big or great, is because the big things are the ones that are designed to make you happy or sad, they are designed to make you feel something strong, while the little things are the ones that make you happy by accident, that make you feel something just by chance. The only difference is that the big moments are clear for everybody else, the people around you know about it and that is why they will often be remembered for a longer time. The small moments are the ones only you can see, the ones that others might not find interesting at all, the ones you might forget about the next day. But that shouldn’t matter to you. If something makes you happy, be happy, no matter how ‘big’ or ‘small’ the thing is that makes you happy. And if you are sad, feel free to be sad, no matter how ‘small’ the things may seem. Because it doesn’t matter how important a certain moment is for the world or the people around you, if it makes you feel a certain feeling in that moment, then it is important to you. There is no point in making a difference between big and small moments. You decide the measurement.

The differentiation between ‘small’ and ‘big’ only makes us feel irritated because it makes our brain tell our heart to be happy or glad or disappointed or sad or angry when a certain situation occurs, because that is just what you are ought to do, that is what everybody tells you to do. But society does not get to decide what you are feeling.

I guess we like saying that we care about the ‘little things’ more than the ‘big things’ because it makes us seem less matierialistic. But that is just not the point. If something means something to you, it is important. So I would like to change the quote at the beginning: “If it counts, it is a big thing.”

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