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photography series: stockholm


Another photography series from a big city. Let’s do that weird, different short story telling thing again, okay?

Oh and before we start, about Stockholm: the most beautiful part of it is Gamla Stan, which basically means ‘old town’. I took most of my pictures there. If you’re visiting Stockholm, definitely take a day to just walk around in that part. It’s like you’re in Italy or something. Totally awesome.

Ah, well okay and just this, if you’re visiting Stockholm: do check out vegan places on HappyCow. The vegan scene there is awesome, you usually have lots of vegan options everywhere, and there are some seriously amazing vegan cafés and restaurants. One of my absolute favorites was Mahalo. (But if you scroll down a bit you’ll also find a special tip!) Their food and interior look like you’ve just entered paradise; it’s all vegan, super healthy, super delicious and the interior is seriously stunning, they even have a really cozy backyard!

Big, beautiful old building that basically say: i’ve been here long before you. I’ve seen more than you can imagine. And you’ll never know all my secrets. And those canals make the whole atmosphere even more dreamy.

Sometimes you just have to look up.

More big old buildings. I love Europe.

And then you come across a beautiful hidden entrance. Those moments are like a little bit of magic.

Beautiful cobbled streets that fit only one car at a time, if even. If you’re lucky, you could find yourself one that hasn’t gone mainstream and is crawling with tourists. (I believe in you! You’ll definitely find one.)

And then there are the ones that don’t fit any car at all. Those are my favorites.

Upside downnn.

Okay guys, here’s a special tip for you. Listen closely. If you’re in Gamla Stan (you’ll definitely be haha), do check out Mitt Café. I got hungry while exploring, and so i checked HappyCow for vegan options around. This one was literally just around the corner and i’m so so happy it was! They have lots of vegan options (actually they’re mostly vegan, they even could have gone all vegan by now! Not sure though.)

Tucked away in one of those quiet cobbled streets, but still near all the attractions, it’s just this one super cute café that will make your afternoon special. The food is amazing, but that’s not even the most amazing thing about them. What makes Mitt Café so lovable are the people and the good vibes. Linda (the owner) and Benjamin (her son) are some of the most amazingly kind and real people i’ve ever met. And they speak German, how awesome is that?! (If you’re german, that is haha) I only had two days in Stockholm, but they really made them special.

If you’re reading this now Linda and Benjamin, you’re amazing! Lots of love xx

Kinda purple-ish interpretation of one of those tight streets. Complete with awesome old story-telling lamps and houses, the ones of the kind that i dream of every day. Ya, i might or might not have overdone it with the editing. Well now let’s say it’s a fairytale picture. You’re welcome.

Marketplace. Most amazing collection of beautiful, cute, colorful houses. And painters. And cute cafés. And, of course, crawling with tourists.

Seriously, you can’t imagine how high Swedish is on my ‘languages i wanna learn’ list right now. I mean, Chokladkoppen? And hej for hello? Yes, the language is just as friendly and cute as all the awesome people living there.

You see what i mean by ‘crawling with tourists’? But, i’d still go there again. Anybody wanna move to Sweden with me?

Have you been to Stockholm? What did you think of it?

xx, Jezebel

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