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100 miracle paper planes // minimalist xmas gift idea


Hi! I’ve got something very special for you today. It’s something i’m gonna give to someone as a christmas present this year, and i really loved how it turned out, so i decided to share it with you! This is for everyone out there that hasn’t got all their xmas presents yet and is running out of ideas – or time to go out and buy stuff (plus i think self-made things are so much more meaningful! I’m actually almost only giving self-made gifts this year! And yes, i’ll admit, a big part of it is gonna be food haha)

So, what is this? It’s a jar filled with 100 little paper planes, and on each plane – if you unfold it – you’ll find a message. Those messages are about different things – creative ideas to fight boredom, reminders of nice things, quotes… anything that will make you feel better when you’re having a shitty or boring day!

Scroll down to see the ‘ingredient’ list and the how-to, and then go make that special jar for someone special! (oh, in case you’re wondering about the jar, it’s a Weck jar, the german version of Mason jars. I love the look of it!)

miracle jar 100 miracles motivation inspiration  

100 miracle planes in a jar

you’ll need:

  • a jar
  • scissors
  • enough paper (i used handmade vintage look paper that we still had somewhere – you can just as well use plain white paper, it will look just as cute!)
  • dried rose leaves (optional)
  • a pen and colors

And here’s what you do: You take that paper, and write down the notes next to each other (in any style and color you like), just not too big, so you’ll be able to cut out small squares (about 3x5cm, but don’t worry if they vary in size). You can either use the quotes i’ll list a little further below, or come up with your own. When you’re done writing them down and styling them a bit (i just drew a colored line under each of them), you can cut them out, fold them into little paper planes and fill them in your jar. If you want to add rose leaves or confetti or glitter or whatever, go ahead! You don’t have to though 😉 If you can’t remember how to fold a paper plane (i couldn’t), look up a simple tutorial on Pinterest or google it – it would be too much to explain it here, but i promise it’s really simple! When you’re done filling the jar, close it, wrap it, and you’re ready to go!


100 miracles i wrote on my paper planes:

 #1 When you can see the stars at night.

#2 One thing you like about them

#3 One reason you love / like them

#4 Three things you’re (that person) grateful for.

#5 Smile, it’s a beautiful day!

#6 One thing that should be on your bucket list

#7 Give something to someone (doesn’t have to be material)

#8 A country you would love to travel to?

#9 Write a letter to me

#10 Bake a vegan apple pie!

#11 Someone’s gotta make you a vegan cake!

#12 Go through an old photo album

#13 Do something creative

#14 Discover something new

#15 Put glitter on top!

#16 Do something crazy that you’ve always wanted to do

#17 Give flowers to someone

#18 Read an old book again

#19 Change something.

#20 What miracle happened lately?

#21 Do something that scares you a little

#22 Make yourself laugh!

#23 Watch “Winter’s Tale”

#24 Take a bath with colored bubbles

#25 Give something old a new meaning.

#26 Rearrange a shelf

#27 Do a picnic!

#28 Read an inspiring poem.

#29 Try a new recipe

#30 Learn how to make ice cream

#31 Eat only (plant based) red things for the day

#32 Eat raw (and vegan) for the day

#33 Buy concert tickets

#34 Draw a picture with watercolor

#35 Life’s giving you a gift today! (but you have to believe in it)

#36 Surprise someone!

#37 The sun’s shining! (If it’s not, looks like you are gonna have to be the sunshine today!)

#38 Go swimming in a lake or the ocean

#39 Give someone a compliment

#40 Dance around the house with loud music

#41 Try a new fruit

#42 Learn something about a topic you find interesting

#43 Write a letter to someone

#44 Write a bucket list

#45 Do something that’s on your bucket list

#46 Write down your thoughts

#47 Resolve a mystery

#48 Do something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time

#49 Give something to someone without letting them know it’s from you

#50 Ten things you’re grateful for!

#51 Do something mysterious

#52 Do something risky, but exciting!

#53 Forgive someone. (Yourself counts, too)

#54 Choose a outfit that makes you happy

#55 Give the mirror your biggest smile!

#56 Write down your dreams for a week

#57 Don’t stress about things you can’t change!

#58 Call someone you haven’t seen in a long time

#59 Try a new sport

#60 Do a digital detox for the day

#61 It always seems impossible until it’s done!

#62 Smile at someone!

#63 Do something that makes you happy!

#64 Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve. J. K. Rowling

#65 Read all the Harry Potter books (again)

#66 Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light. Albus Dumbledore

#67 Bake (vegan) christmas cookies! (who cares if it’s winter or summer?)

#68 learn something new

#69 Make a flower bouquet

#70 Make a new photo album

#71 Find a flower meadow

#72 Go running

#73 What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

#74 Start something new

#75 Find a place you’ve never been before

#76 Do something “illegal”

#77 Grab a dandelion and make a wish

#78 Do something spontaneous

#79 Drink some tea while reading a book

#80 Go to Paris.

#81 Go apple picking (or berry picking)

#82 Make a (vegan) cake for someone

#83 Do some yoga

#84 You are magic!

#85 Go camping.

#86 Rearrange your closet.

#87 Rearrange your living room / bedroom / whatever

#88 Paint something on canvas

#89 Create something new

#90 Tell someone how amazing they are

#91 Dance in the rain!

#92 Listen to old music

#93 Cook something vegan without telling anyone it’s vegan (always trying to positively influence people haha, but seriously it’s so much fun to do that when no one suspects a thing!)

#94 Go watch ballet

#95 What miracle happened yesterday?

#96 Learn how to make pasta

#97 You’re the most amazing (name) i know!

#98 The universe is freaking out about how awesome you are!

#99 Hypothetical hug!

#100 Who cares what they think. The only thing that should matter is whether it makes you happy or not.


Let me know if you make this, i’d love to see your creations! Feel free to tag me on instagram 😉

Have a merry christmas!

xx, Jezebel

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