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Upside down rhubarb chocolate cake


Finally, here’s the recipe for the upside down rhubarb chocolate cake you probably saw on instagram a few weeks (weeks already?! Damn i need to work on my scheduling! Sorry for the delay guys!!) ago. I came up with that idea cause i found some fresh rhubarb in the store just a few days before my birthday, and i figured it was the perfect opportunity to try something new! I’ve been admiring all those upside down orange cakes for some time now, so i wanted to try that method – not with oranges though, simply recreating something i saw somewhere would be boring right?? So this is what i came up with, chocolate instead of plain vanilla/orange, and rhubarb instead of, well, orange slices.

And man, did it turn out amazing, i almost didn’t believe it! I was actually a little sceptic if it would work, and if i’d get the cake batter right – with me it’s always a fifty/fifty chance if i get the recipe right, cause i always end up improvising, throwing in some of this and some of that, but i’m happy to report this cake was as chocolate-y and moist as i intended, and the sourness of the rhubarb is just the perfect twist that makes the whole thing interesting! Plus i love how easy it is with this method, you don’t have to prepare or soak or glaze the rhubarb or anything, you just cut it up and put it on the bottom of your form, and voilà! Perfectly soft and moist rhubarb on top of your chocolate cake. Plus i love the way it looks, with some of the batter sneaking its way through the otherwise (almost) neatly arranged rhubarb strings.

Oh and one thing you probably wanna know before trying this recipe (which you definitely should!) : When i make chocolate cake, or anything with chocolate in the name, it somehow always turns out super rich and dark-chocolate-y in flavor. This cake is no exception; it’s almost like one giant brownie. But if you love chocolate (like me), i’m sure you’ll be very happy with this recipe! And that’s approved by both vegans and non-vegans, so i’m not just saying this 😉

If you’re looking for something lighter that’s also perfect for spring and summer, try this super delicious carrot cake for example by Tully from Vegansfirst 🙂

vegan rhubarb chocolate cake healthy


  • 2 cups plain spelt flour
  • 3/4 cup cacao powder
  • 1,5 cups coconut sugar (maybe more depending how sweet you like it)
  • a little vanilla
  • 1 cup coconut oil
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 2-3 tbsp apple sauce (make sure it doesn’t have sugar)
  • 6-7 strings fresh rhubarb

Preheat the oven to 170°C. In a large bowl, combine the flour, cacao, and baking powder. Add the remaining ingredients except the rhubarb and mix well. Either use a handmixer or spoon. Make sure to melt the coconut oil first before you incorporate it into the dough.

The dough should be even and thick, but still pourable. Set aside for a minute while you prepare the rhubarb.

All you have to do now is cut the rhubarb into pieces that roughly fit your springform by length. (No peeling necessary) Then cut them into half lengthwise. Line your springform with baking sheets and lay out the rhubarb pieces next to each other.

Pour the batter on top of the rhubarb and even out with a spoon or spatula. Bake for around 40 minutes or until a stick comes out mostly clean.

Let your cake cool down a bit, then carefully remove the springform, turn it upside down and remove the bottom of the form and the baking sheet. Tadaaa! Watch as everyone goes wild for your beautiful chocolate cake <3 (No need to tell them it’s fairly healthy and vegan)

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