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Jez, this is life speaking to you.

You think everything „bad“ that happens in your life is just bad and doesn’t serve any logical purpose? Watch me. 

You are ready to learn some of the heavy stuff now. Congratulations, you just got upgraded! So I’m gonna make you suffer more than you think you can take. I’m just gonna throw multiple things your way that are gonna hurt like hell. But fear not, this is gonna be a good thing. Trust me. Cause I know you can take it. And it will make you strong enough, and teach you what you need to learn to become wise enough to accomplish all the tasks that I came up with especially for you. Those tasks are why I put you here, but you need to learn some essential lessons first. 

You have the potential to create the most beautiful things. But you won’t achieve anything if you don’t realize how wonderful you are and blend in with the majority instead. So I’m gonna make you doubt yourself for as long as it takes for you to realize you were never meant to blend in or walk the „easy“ path. That’s why I’m gonna make you lose your hair. Oh and your body can’t be „perfect“ either, otherwise you just won’t learn what I want you to learn. Sorry not sorry.

You’re gonna learn how to energetically vibrate on love and become conscious about your thought and behavioral patterns, and how to heal yourself. And most importantly, how to love yourself. That’s the condition for all of the above. So I’m gonna make you fall in love with the wrong person at the wrong time. I’m gonna make you doubt all of your thoughts and your self. I’m gonna get you confused to the core and break your heart, slowly but steadily. So you can learn how to put it all back together. And if you haven’t learnt the lesson after that, I’m just gonna make you develop feelings and attachments for and to the wrong people until you do. But don’t you worry, it’s gonna be great in the end. I’ve got it all figured out. Even if you can’t see it when you’re in the middle. I need you to get some tasks done, remember? And I need you to be completely in love with yourself and life when you get to work. 

I want you to learn to rely on yourself. To trust your intuition. To become the fearless warrior you dream of becoming when you’re growing up. To trust that your dreams are guiding you in the right direction, to become fearless in their pursuit and to not care what anybody thinks about that. So I’m gonna make you doubt everything you do first. I’m gonna put you in situations where you have to defend your dreams and life philosophy to all kinds of people. Especially those closest to you. I’m gonna make them try as hard as they can to push you in the wrong direction. So you can finally become strong enough to push back. So you can build your own belief system that’s gonna be strong enough to withstand any argument against it. And I’m gonna test you again and again until you’re ready. 

You’re gonna have to realize on your own what is right for you. What I have chosen to be meant for you. And in order to do that, you’re gonna have to learn how to use your intuition and to trust it. So whenever you’re not on the right path and doing things that are counterproductive for you specifically, I’m gonna make you suffer physically. I’m gonna make your insides turn on you until you learn how to use your mind and body as a compass to figure out the right pathways. And the more and the longer you drift away from your path, the more I’m gonna make you suffer. Until you finally learn how to find the right way on your own.

We were never meant to walk the expected path. I am realizing more and more that we didn‘t come here to live an easy life. None of us did.

We came here to learn. Especially how to become happy the right way, and experience all of the best shit that life can give to us. Beautiful miraculous bliss. But there’s gonna be some lessons along the way, and some of them might hurt like hell.

But I’ve decided for myself now that that’s okay. And life is still beautiful. And I’m gonna find a way to be grateful for every single thing.

Jez xx

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