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2014-07-11-17.39.15-1Hi you! I’m Jezebel. And I’m really, seriously amazed you stopped by! Hope you’ll have lots of fun scrolling through (hopefully) interesting posts! Soo you’re here because you wanna know more about me. And what the heck project belly button is all about, right? Let’s get started then…


Who is Jezebel?

I am a not-yet twenty year old german girl, trying to create a life I love and inspire you along the way. I’m a little bit weird. And crazy. But at the same time, I am a bit of an introvert. And I love (as you may have noticed by now) anything that’s natural, magical, beautiful in its own way. I sometimes have totally crazy ideas, but I like being creative. Oh, and I’m bald. (As you may also have noticed by now.) If you wanna know why and how, please check out the you rock! section ?.

About project belly button

I created project belly button because I had constantly (okay, most of the time) so many ideas floating around in my mind, and I was looking for a place to write them down and share them. (With people who are actually interested in them!) What could be better for that than a blog? So, project belly button is a space where I share my ideas, creations and finds, hoping that you’ll be as excited about them as I am!
Oh, and one little thing you might be wondering: Why do I write in English, when my mother tongue is German? That’s simple actually. Ok no it’s not as there are so many reasons, arrgh! To keep it short: I love the english language, way more than German! I have the feeling I can better express myself in English than in German. And I want everyone that comes across project belly button to be able to read my posts, hehe ?.

Where does the name come from?

The name „project belly button“ came to my mind a while before I even thought of starting a blog. I used it first as some sort of name for „the project of creating a life I love and am totally excited about!“ I thought of it because my father used to put his finger in the middle of our bellies and sing „belly button, belly button!“ when my sisters and I were kids. That’s why I liked reusing that word for a project I’m passionate about. (Not to mention that it’s such a cute word!) Secondly, I love projects. And by that, I mean something you work on that you’re excited about and that you want to turn out as something amazing! Aand since this blog is mostly about listening to yourself and thus your belly, the name fits, don’t you think?

Have some questions or wanna tell me something? Feel free to mail me! I’d be happy to hear from you!