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coconut cream bars with almond crumble 2016-12-01
coconut cream bars almond crumble

Guess what? Advent time is here! That’s my absolute favorite time of the year. Darker, colder, cozier. And, most important, magical. I meant to create an advent calendar, something self made that’s beautiful and makes you want to get up every day. But… i failed on finding things to fill it with. So i decided to […]

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orange chocolate cheesecake tart (deliciousness overload) 2016-11-26

Today was (and still is) a pretty lazy day. What i primarily did was – food. I made chocolate and ice cream (recipe coming soon). My first self made vegan ice cream. And i was amazed at how good it worked. Vegan food can be soo awesome. Especially sweets, haha. This chocolate tart is not […]

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vegan dark chocolate + pomegranate and amaranth 2016-11-26
vegan dark chocolate

First day this month without having to study for school. Kinda. And what do you do when you got more time than usual? Food. The answer is food. This dark chocolate is vegan, healthy and delicious. Wait a second. Not to change the issue, but Nothing But Thieves. If you don’t know that band, please […]

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berry chia and chocolate pudding 2016-11-21
berry chia pudding with chocolate

I just decided something. You ready? (Speaking to some hypothetical readers haha) I’m gonna change my writing style a bit. Till now, I wrote my posts as if talking to readers I don’t have yet (or am sure of not having yet) but I’m not gonna do that anymore where it can be avoided. Instead, […]

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orange-chocolate and vanilla birthday cake 2016-11-16
orange chocolate cheesecake birthday

Here i am again, posting the second of a few food posts in a row. Yesterday was my mom’s birthday, so i made a cake for her. I wanted it to be epic; a cake that would even convince suspicious non-vegans that raw baking can be pretty awesome. And although i am sure i could have […]

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