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How To Finally Accept Your Body 2016-10-17
love your body project belly button blog

Most of the time in my life, I wasn’t happy with my body. I almost hated it. I used to be really skinny when I was younger, so pants wouldn’t fit me well. The legs were always a bit too wide. I hated the way it looked. When I grew older, my thighs began to […]

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Colorful Salad With Orange Dressing 2016-10-16
colorful summer salat orange dressing

Hey guys, this is gonna be a rather short post. I quickly wanted to share this colorful, super-yummy and super-healthy salad with you! Maybe it doesn’t look like much on the picture, but believe me guys, you’re gonna want to try this one! It may be rather summer-themed than autumn-themed… But I think it’s still appropriate to make […]

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About Amaranth… 2016-10-15
about amaranth project belly button blog

Because my family used to do Instincto for several years when I was little, I wasn’t familiar with many of what are seen as “normal” or conventional food for a long time. For instance, until the age of five, I had never tasted bread in my life. Instead, I knew many exotic fruits and other rather uncommon food […]

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Mama’s Raw Energy Balls 2016-10-14
mamas raw energy bites

You might have wondered why I am so crazy about creating raw and/or vegan recipes. If you haven’t, and don’t wanna know, just skip this and go to the actual recipe 😉 For those staying with me (Yay! Huge thanks for reading on!), I’ll tell you a little story. When my sisters and I were […]

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Raw Apple Caramel Cream Cake 2016-10-14
raw apple caramel cream cake

So I developed a new cake recipe the other day. I wanted to do something with apples, as autumn is – as we all know – apple season (and pumpkin season, but that’s another story). I wanted to do something perfect to eat on a cozy rain day (or any other day in autumn), but […]

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