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I made it my mission to create healthy vegan recipes that won’t make you miss the other, unhealthy stuff. Most of them raw, all of them good for you.

Banana Chia Pudding with Amaranth 2016-10-21
banana chia pudding with amaranth

I love Chia. It can be so useful, plus it’s super healthy! For me, Chia pudding is the ultimate healthy version of ‘normal’ pudding. I often eat it for breakfast, simply with a bit of cinnamon and topped with fresh fruit. But for this version, I wanted to do something more complex: more ingredients -> more […]

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Colorful Salad With Orange Dressing 2016-10-16
colorful summer salat orange dressing

Hey guys, this is gonna be a rather short post. I quickly wanted to share this colorful, super-yummy and super-healthy salad with you! Maybe it doesn’t look like much on the picture, but believe me guys, you’re gonna want to try this one! It may be rather summer-themed than autumn-themed… But I think it’s still appropriate to make […]

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About Amaranth… 2016-10-15
about amaranth project belly button blog

Because my family used to do Instincto for several years when I was little, I wasn’t familiar with many of what are seen as “normal” or conventional food for a long time. For instance, until the age of five, I had never tasted bread in my life. Instead, I knew many exotic fruits and other rather uncommon food […]

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Mama’s Raw Energy Balls 2016-10-14
mamas raw energy bites

You might have wondered why I am so crazy about creating raw and/or vegan recipes. If you haven’t, and don’t wanna know, just skip this and go to the actual recipe 😉 For those staying with me (Yay! Huge thanks for reading on!), I’ll tell you a little story. When my sisters and I were […]

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Raw Apple Caramel Cream Cake 2016-10-14
raw apple caramel cream cake

So I developed a new cake recipe the other day. I wanted to do something with apples, as autumn is – as we all know – apple season (and pumpkin season, but that’s another story). I wanted to do something perfect to eat on a cozy rain day (or any other day in autumn), but […]

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