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I made it my mission to create healthy vegan recipes that won’t make you miss the other, unhealthy stuff. Most of them raw, all of them good for you.

3 ingredient perfect german pancakes 2017-07-15

This is gonna be a very short post, about nothing more than how to make perfect german pancakes without doing harm to animals by taking anything from them. There’s a lot more interesting stuff to come in upcoming posts, so stay tuned šŸ˜‰ These pancakes are as simple as possible, while also being as delicious […]

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raw vegan goodness: caramel berry slices + mocha ice cream 2017-06-12
raw vegan cake ice cream

Raw vegan chocolate caramel berry cake with raw vegan mocha ice cream. Do i need to say more? This is what you make when you want to impress your grandmother’s non-vegan super suspicious friends šŸ˜› It’s all made with natural ingredients and definitely fool-proof, so if you have a little extra spare time on your […]

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vegan food in lower manhattan: the healthy stuff 2017-05-10
vegan healthy food guide new york

While it’s still difficult to find vegan food in most places in Europe – especially if you’re looking for the interesting and creative stuff – New York City is the absolute heaven for vegans. (And it’s obviously not in Europe – I think there are far more vegan options in the US in general.) It’s […]

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Herby Green cashew dressing 2017-05-07
cashew herb dressing vegan

More foooood! Okay, i admit, this dressing isn’t something you can count as a meal. But if you already know what you’ll be eating, this one here will definitely pimp your lunch or dinner or whatever šŸ˜‰ I made this cashew dressing a while ago. I was planning on posting the recipe in combination with […]

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super simple 30 minute vegan chocolate pie 2017-05-06

Alright. The story behind this chocolate pie. (I don’t know if you would call it a pie, but i wanted to, so i did :P) I recently visited a friend of mine who lives in Georgia. I’ve never been to the US before, so it was a weird experience at first. Everything seems to be […]

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