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You’ll find anything here. This section could inspire you to bring more beauty in your life. More creativity. More you. Or whatever you make of it!

100 miracle paper planes // minimalist xmas gift idea 2017-12-22

Hi! I’ve got something very special for you today. It’s something i’m gonna give to someone as a christmas present this year, and i really loved how it turned out, so i decided to share it with you! This is for everyone out there that hasn’t got all their xmas presents yet and is running […]

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Little things 2017-11-22

“The little things are the ones that count.” I don’t know how often I have heard or read this. It is an interesting quote, don’t you think? And although I have always liked this one, I can’t help but think about the truth behind this. It implicates that the little things are the only ones […]

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go find yourself and be that. // Messy mind 1 2017-10-08

For as long as I can remember, I didn’t really know who I was, and certainly not who I wanted to be. I’ve always been this shy, unconfident girl who was bad at making decisions for herself and therefore I always looked at what others were doing, and did that, too. But as I started […]

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Memorials 2017-09-21

This is a poem Joelle wrote. Take the time to read it and feel free to tell us what you think. Memorials When she was 5 she had a best friend They would play on the grass all day long And when times got hard she would meet her And tell her everything Until all […]

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nature and us 2017-08-27

Hey, this is Joelle again 🙂 So I’ve been thinking a lot lately and since I’ve also gone vegan 2 months ago, nature was a big topic that went through my head. As a vegan you (or I at least) get much more aware of your surroundings and especially of the animals around you, that […]

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