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You’ll find anything here. This section could inspire you to bring more beauty in your life. More creativity. More you. Or whatever you make of it!

why change is a good thing 2017-07-04

Hey everyone, I’m Joelle, Jezebel’s sister, and I’ll be co-working with her now to bring some new inspiration on this blog and show you my point of view. So here I am to tell you something I’ve learned about changes. I recently cut my hair from a bit over shoulder-length to a pretty short pixie-cut […]

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brighten up your day: the miracle jar 2017-03-21
brighten up your day technique

Bad days. We all have them. And i don’t know about you, but my mood can change from good to bad and vice versa in seconds, more than once a day. I get influenced so easily by my surroundings which is really annoying. And even if it’s not easy to change that, i thought i […]

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book review: Black Rabbit Hall 2017-03-05
black rabbit hall book review blog

I love books. I loved them from the first time i tried reading one on my own, when i was about six or so, and i love them still. They’re so more than just pages filled with words for me. If a book is good, and if i like the story and the writing style, […]

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forest vibes 2016-12-06
forest vibes project belly button

I know it’s already winter (at least here in Germany), but i wanted to share this. Many people have been telling us to go out to spend time in nature lately. I think i read an article somewhere about how healthy it is and how spending time in nature can have many benefits. I even saw […]

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fruit leather rolls (a christmas decoration idea) 2016-12-02

Right now, i’m sitting here sipping coconut juice out of a coconut. Wish it could be always like this. Oh and i’m listening to Arcane Roots. They’re this band i discovered a while ago, and i really like them. Their music is some mix of slow but beautiful chill-out music and screaming or i don’t […]

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