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Whenever I come across a magical, cozy or beautiful place I’m gonna share it here!

photography series: stockholm 2017-12-14

Another photography series from a big city. Let’s do that weird, different short story telling thing again, okay? Oh and before we start, about Stockholm: the most beautiful part of it is Gamla Stan, which basically means ‘old town’. I took most of my pictures there. If you’re visiting Stockholm, definitely take a day to just […]

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photography series: manhattan 2017-11-10
this is a new york city travel guide / photographs and their stories

Photographs. Do you ever see a picture, and wonder what story’s hidden in it? Wonder what happened in that moment, why the picture was taken? Let me tell you the stories to these pictures, although some of them might remain half mysteries… But aren’t secrets what make life so wonderfully exciting? Baby banana. You see a […]

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9 of my favorite vegan food places in nyc 2017-09-26

I’ve been to a lot of places this year after finishing High School (just traveling without too much planning; it’s been soo much fun so far!) – and everywhere i went i somehow made it my mission to try out every vegan place there is. But from all the places i’ve been to, New York […]

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vegan food in lower manhattan: the healthy stuff 2017-05-10
vegan healthy food guide new york

While it’s still difficult to find vegan food in most places in Europe – especially if you’re looking for the interesting and creative stuff – New York City is the absolute heaven for vegans. (And it’s obviously not in Europe – I think there are far more vegan options in the US in general.) It’s […]

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visiting Barcelona 2016-12-31
Barcelona art

bARceLonA is such a beautiful city. Honestly. The architecture, the plants, the little alleyways with lots of cute independent stores to discover. I loved it there. The photos below are only some impressions. (There will be more photos in my posts about places in the future, promise. I just didn’t know i would post about Barcelona […]

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