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Whenever I come across a magical, cozy or beautiful place I’m gonna share it here!

discovering paris 2016-11-01
paris cathédrale project belly button blog

Paris. It’s one of my favorite cities in Europe (although I haven’t been to that many yet – but they’re definitely on my list). I have been to Paris many times with my grandparents or family when I was younger, but this one was the first time I went to discover Paris on my own. […]

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This Is Bruges 2016-10-20
chocolate truck bruges project belly button blog

Bruges. What can I say about Bruges? It’s a quite old town in Belgium, and to be honest, this one is really cute and beautiful. There are so many little streets to discover! And with Belgium being famous for its chocolate, chocolate stores (or ‘chocolateries’ how they call them) are never far away! By the way, who would like […]

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