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vegan stories

Here I’ll share stories, inspiration, resources and information on veganism. Together we can change the world.

why i don’t eat dairy products 2018-02-19

I know most people grow up believing that cow’s milk is good for you, that it gives you strong bones and should be part of a healthy diet. If you just nodded and thought “me too, that’s just how it is right!?” please stop for a moment and think about this: Why exactly did you grow […]

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nature and us 2017-08-27

Hey, this is Joelle again 🙂 So I’ve been thinking a lot lately and since I’ve also gone vegan 2 months ago, nature was a big topic that went through my head. As a vegan you (or I at least) get much more aware of your surroundings and especially of the animals around you, that […]

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Why vegan? + What happened after being vegan for several months 2017-01-13
lavendel vegan living

This is the story of how and why i went vegan. Because why on earth would someone say goodbye to ‘all the good food’?! This is the story from my point of view. So… my story. When i was little, my parents did some kind of special alternative diet called ‘Instincto‘ with me and my sisters. […]

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