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vegan stories

berry chia and chocolate pudding

berry chia pudding with chocolate

I just decided something. You ready? (Speaking to some hypothetical readers haha) I’m gonna change my writing style a bit. Till now, I wrote my posts as if talking to readers I don’t have yet (or am sure of not having yet) but I’m not gonna do that anymore where it can be avoided. Instead, […]

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vegan autumn style veggie dish

autumn style veggie dish

Anyone ever heard of Biffy Clyro? They’re a British rock band and oh my, I swear it’s like magic when you listen to them. Someone told me about them one or two years ago, and I’ve been listening to them ever since. Just wanted to mention it because I was at their concert in Luxembourg […]

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vegan warm-me-up coconut quinoa porridge

coconut quinoa porridge breakfast

I’m currently studying for my last exams before my A Level exams. (Does that sound weird?) With my main classes being biology, french and german, it’s kinda obvious I’m studying biology like most of the time. (Biology exam next week on Friday, I’ll be so glad when it’s over.) And because I don’t like that […]

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