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(almost) raw lavender cheesecake with a blueberry swirl 2017-08-12

Hey there, i’m back 🙂 I could explain now why i’ve been not posting anything for weeks, and why i’ve decided to start posting stuff here again and now stick to it – but that’s a story for another post i’m planning on doing soon (super excited about that! will be a long one about… […]

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super simple 30 minute vegan chocolate pie 2017-05-06

Alright. The story behind this chocolate pie. (I don’t know if you would call it a pie, but i wanted to, so i did :P) I recently visited a friend of mine who lives in Georgia. I’ve never been to the US before, so it was a weird experience at first. Everything seems to be […]

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pecan caramel cheesecakes with brownie base 2017-02-04
pecan caramel cheesecakes

I’ve been trying to upgrade my decorating game lately, so i’ve started practicing. It’s funny how relaxing decorating food can be, that and the results you get are the main reasons i love food so much! (Okay, let’s not forget about eating the stuff!) These little pecan caramel cheesecakes are my first attempt on creating […]

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(messy) sesame-kissed chocolate and raspberry layer cake 2016-12-28

I made this layer cake today because i am currently studying for my A level exams and i needed to do something beautiful, or at least something that makes me happy. (Cause this cake went out to be slightly messy…) I know there has been a cake overdose in the food section lately and i’m not sorry. […]

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raw gingerbread cheesecake + gingerbread cookies 2016-12-22

With christmas approaching, i suddenly became aware there are still some gifts for friends and family to be finished before the 24th… (what am i talking about, there’s only two days to go!!) So a huge part of the gifts i’m giving this year is food. I think food is an ideal present, because 1) it looks […]

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