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photography series: stockholm 2017-12-14

Another photography series from a big city. Let’s do that weird, different short story telling thing again, okay? Oh and before we start, about Stockholm: the most beautiful part of it is Gamla Stan, which basically means ‘old town’. I took most of my pictures there. If you’re visiting Stockholm, definitely take a day to just […]

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visiting Barcelona 2016-12-31
Barcelona art

bARceLonA is such a beautiful city. Honestly. The architecture, the plants, the little alleyways with lots of cute independent stores to discover. I loved it there. The photos below are only some impressions. (There will be more photos in my posts about places in the future, promise. I just didn’t know i would post about Barcelona […]

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discovering paris 2016-11-01
paris cathédrale project belly button blog

Paris. It’s one of my favorite cities in Europe (although I haven’t been to that many yet – but they’re definitely on my list). I have been to Paris many times with my grandparents or family when I was younger, but this one was the first time I went to discover Paris on my own. […]

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