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raw coconut caramel bars 2018-03-04

Okay. Two things. First. Have you ever wished there was a healthy version of an unhealthy dish you really like? And did you try to create a healthy version of it? Or did you come across a recipe for a healthier version, tried it out and were totally mind-blown? That’s what happened to me when […]

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chewy lemon coconut balls 2016-12-15
coconut lemon balls raw vegan sweets cake

lalala. Don’t know what to write. No, wait, i know. This is so ridiculous but i want to say it. Today was my last class test in high school. Like, ever. There will still be the A Level exams but this was the last ‘normal’ one. Guess what it was? English. And. I. Screwed. It. […]

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coconut cream bars with almond crumble 2016-12-01
coconut cream bars almond crumble

Guess what? Advent time is here! That’s my absolute favorite time of the year. Darker, colder, cozier. And, most important, magical. I meant to create an advent calendar, something self made that’s beautiful and makes you want to get up every day. But… i failed on finding things to fill it with. So i decided to […]

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