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raw lemon peanut butter caramel cake pops 2018-07-03
vegan lemon caramel cakepops recipe

It’s summer!! I love this time, when all the plants are green and blooming and butterflies and bees flying around… These raw lemon peanut butter cake pops are the perfect healthy magical treat for lazy afternoons. Or to bring to a party, especially when children are involved! The caramel is made out of dates and […]

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chewy lemon coconut balls 2016-12-15
coconut lemon balls raw vegan sweets cake

lalala. Don’t know what to write. No, wait, i know. This is so ridiculous but i want to say it. Today was my last class test in high school. Like, ever. There will still be the A Level exams but this was the last ‘normal’ one. Guess what it was? English. And. I. Screwed. It. […]

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