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xmas slices: walnut, dried fig & raspberry (raw) 2017-12-14

I named these awesome healthy indulgent thingies ‘xmas slices’, because i created them in celebration of christmas season. They are some of my favorite ingredients combined that taste like magic and christmas (in my opinion). I know, there’s a really high frequency in which the word ‘magic’ or variations of it is used on this […]

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(healthy) chocolate + raspberry layer cake 2017-10-22

I know this is probably more of a summer-themed cake, but a little color in autumn can’t hurt anybody right? I’ve thought long about posting the recipe for this one, i’m not even sure why – but i decided to do it now, cause cake is always a good idea. For the cake, i made […]

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(messy) sesame-kissed chocolate and raspberry layer cake 2016-12-28

I made this layer cake today because i am currently studying for my A level exams and i needed to do something beautiful, or at least something that makes me happy. (Cause this cake went out to be slightly messy…) I know there has been a cake overdose in the food section lately and i’m not sorry. […]

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