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banana chocolate chip breakfast muffins (vegan, gf) 2017-04-11
vegan banana breakfast muffins

Hey there, whoever is reading this right now 😉 I’m currently staying with a friend near Augusta, Georgia, and i’m absolutely flashed about how big everything is in America! Now, as a native american you’d probably say ‘um, but this is normal?’ but for a girl that was born and raised on the german countryside, it’s […]

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a raw orange chocolate tart 2017-03-23
raw vegan orange chocolate tart no bake

Guys. This tart. I’m really proud of this one. It’s soo good and i swear you can’t taste it’s vegan. I think it may be my favorite creation ever. Chocolate and orange are just too good together;) I have posted the recipe to this one before, it was one of my first posts here. But […]

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Blueberry chia jam (good for you!) 2017-03-15
blueberry chia jam healthy

I don’t know if it is because it’s Sunday (i wrote this on a Sunday, but i won’t delete it now ;))  , but i’m in a particularly good mood today. Let’s talk about everything that’s going on in my mind right now first, then move on to the subject of this post. Okay I’ve been […]

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pecan caramel cheesecakes with brownie base 2017-02-04
pecan caramel cheesecakes

I’ve been trying to upgrade my decorating game lately, so i’ve started practicing. It’s funny how relaxing decorating food can be, that and the results you get are the main reasons i love food so much! (Okay, let’s not forget about eating the stuff!) These little pecan caramel cheesecakes are my first attempt on creating […]

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apple cinnamon + chocolate orange cupcakes (vegan muffins, raw/vegan frosting) 2017-01-30
raw/vegan cupcakes

I have never tried to make cupcakes before, so i decided it was time to give it a go. I love cupcakes, they’re like small cute cakes for one;) The frosting isn’t formed all perfectly on the muffins because it was my first try on this. But i think i still succeeded in making them […]

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