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apple cinnamon + chocolate orange cupcakes (vegan muffins, raw/vegan frosting) 2017-01-30
raw/vegan cupcakes

I have never tried to make cupcakes before, so i decided it was time to give it a go. I love cupcakes, they’re like small cute cakes for one;) The frosting isn’t formed all perfectly on the muffins because it was my first try on this. But i think i still succeeded in making them […]

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(messy) sesame-kissed chocolate and raspberry layer cake 2016-12-28

I made this layer cake today because i am currently studying for my A level exams and i needed to do something beautiful, or at least something that makes me happy. (Cause this cake went out to be slightly messy…) I know there has been a cake overdose in the food section lately and i’m not sorry. […]

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raw gingerbread cheesecake + gingerbread cookies 2016-12-22

With christmas approaching, i suddenly became aware there are still some gifts for friends and family to be finished before the 24th… (what am i talking about, there’s only two days to go!!) So a huge part of the gifts i’m giving this year is food. I think food is an ideal present, because 1) it looks […]

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chewy lemon coconut balls 2016-12-15
coconut lemon balls raw vegan sweets cake

lalala. Don’t know what to write. No, wait, i know. This is so ridiculous but i want to say it. Today was my last class test in high school. Like, ever. There will still be the A Level exams but this was the last ‘normal’ one. Guess what it was? English. And. I. Screwed. It. […]

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almond cinnamon granola 2016-12-09
granola project belly button blog

This weekend, i’m excited about so many things. Okay, i got to learn some nasty school stuff but besides that, here’s what i’m excited about: This granola recipe. It’s not raw, but it’s crunchy, healthy and contains only two ingredients (or three if you like). More about that in a sec. What else? Food (and […]

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