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coconut cream bars with almond crumble 2016-12-01
coconut cream bars almond crumble

Guess what? Advent time is here! That’s my absolute favorite time of the year. Darker, colder, cozier. And, most important, magical. I meant to create an advent calendar, something self made that’s beautiful and makes you want to get up every day. But… i failed on finding things to fill it with. So i decided to […]

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orange chocolate cheesecake tart (deliciousness overload) 2016-11-26

Today was (and still is) a pretty lazy day. What i primarily did was – food. I made chocolate and ice cream (recipe coming soon). My first self made vegan ice cream. And i was amazed at how good it worked. Vegan food can be soo awesome. Especially sweets, haha. This chocolate tart is not […]

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